Talent Management

A starting point in the search for talent

Potential, attitude and skills are the foundation of talent. The talent, the ability to take initiative, lead change and solve specific problems without losing the overall perspective of the organization, is a determining factor in the success of the company.

Talent management is one of the biggest challenges that organizations Face. They not only compete commercially, but they also do so in recruiting and retaining professionals who make the difference in the future.

  • How can you manage talent  in your company?
  • How do you know which professionals are most prepared  to meet the challenges of the future?
  • How can you tell whether your company managers occupy the right position   with regard to their skills, abilities and interests?

There are several elements about the talent category that are important. Among them are:

  • What do we understand by talent?
  • What is the relationship between talent, intelligence, creativity, knowledge and skills?
  • Is talent born or aquired?
  • What are the social conditions of talent?
  • What is the relationship between talent and age?
  • Are men more talented than women?
  • Can people self develop their talent?

Only in the hands of talent, ideas become truly productive