Direct Search and Selection

Credibility and prestige are the result of our professionalism

According to Arthur Sullivan, the Human Capital is a set of skills, knowledge, skills and personality attributes that favor the performance of work to produce economic value. Attributes are acquired by a person by means of education, expertise and experience. Human capital is the main source to achieve leadership and maintain a competitive edge in a global market.

To find the best talent and the best managers requires a great experience not only based upon an academic background in Human Resources, but also complemented by a solid practice in companies at different levels and different areas to act as Business Partner of our customers and “speak the same language.”

Knowledge of the business and the culture of our customers is essential in identifying and evaluating potential candidates that best fit the required profile.

In Humanus Consulting and through our network of international partners with more than 1.500 consultants in 200 offices worldwide, we have the human capital to successfully perform the search and selection of your future employees in all sectors and for any functional area and hierarchical level.

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