Group Outplacement

For Organizations

Group Outplacement is used in major restructuring projects of businesses or closures of factories and offices.

Phases of the programme:

  • Preparation: A team is set up with key members from both company and Humanus Consulting in order to prepare the restructuring plan and its different phases. This includes internal and external communication, group meetings and individual sessions with all parties concerned with the prime objective of transparency and information about the programme.
  • Action: Initiation of contacts with the authorities that are involved in local or regional employment activities, chambers of commerce and other associations of interest, in order to seek and identify potential job opportunities
  • Training: Group and individual sessions on professional objectives, networking, interview techniques, preparation of the CV, search techniques etc.
  • Integration and monitoring: Follow-up in the new position in order to ensure full integration into the new position. Guarantee to return to the programme, if integration fails.