Professional Guidance

For Individuals

This service is meant for individuals who want to take the initiative to change their professional activity without endorsement of any company.

The circumstances underlying this decision may be:

  • I was dismissed without receiving an outplacement program as part of the agreement.
  • I have been some time in the company and there is no promotion in sight
  • My company is in a difficult situation and I want to anticipate a possible dismissal
  • The management has changed and I do not get along with the new boss

The phases of the programme are:

  • Assessment: A detailed analysis of experience, accomplishments, skills, competencies and values is made. Tests of different kinds are made and analyzed with the client in order to get ta maximum of information. Access to the online services of Humanus Consulting is provided.
  • Definition of the Professional Objective: Career Balance, professional vision, analysis of objectives, new CV in line with the objectives and Action Plan.
  • Launch in the labour market: Networking in professional networks, preparation of presentation letters, contact with target companies, active search for jobs, meetings with headhunters.
  • Continued assessment: Strategies for maximising possibilities for job interviews with potential employers, simulation  of interviews, assistance in the negotiation of labour contracts.
  • Integration and Follow-up: Once in the new job, continuation of giudance until both parties are sure that job offers continuity. Guarantee to return to the programme, if integration fails.