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In case your company has to carry out a restructuring programme on a small or massive scale and you are responsible for administrating it, we can jointly develop effective projects for outplacement, inplacement, assessment, talent management or coaching.

If you are about to loose your job, it has become a source of negative energy, you are not using your talents to the fullest, you are not advancing in your career, you have lost control of your professional development, you are looking for a new job and need professional advice………

……….we are your partner to find the solution, either through a programme of reorientation, career transition, assessment or coaching. We evaluate your objectives, competencies and values to help you find the best way to recover your joy with the right balance of private and professional life.

In case you are looking for new employees who are well qualified nad have initiative…

…we are your ideal Partner to find the right persons.

Our experience speaks for us